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Agenda 2019

Agenda 2019: 11-13 January ’19 ILBS 18-20 January in Milan Mr. Fetish Italy 2019 20-25 February Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium 2019 7-10 March ’19 Barcelona Spring Break & Mr.Fetish Spain 2019 20 – 23 March ¨Starkbierfest¨ Munich & Mr.Bavaria Leather 2019 17-22 April BLF Easter Berlin with a SLFC/Spanish brunch on the 20th 17-19 May Bilbao in Black 22-28 Mayo IML Chicago (Emerson, MFS2018 to IML) 12 – 15 June Zurich Pride, Election Mr. Leather, Rubber & Puppy Switzerland 2019 28 – 30 June Barcelona Pride* 28 – 30 World Pride 2019 – New York** 5 – 7 July Madrid Pride* 6 – 8th September Folsom Berlin 4 – 13 October Maspalomas Fetish Week 31 Oct – 2 November Mallorca Fetish Week 6 – 8 December Madrid Winter Bear, Sleazy & Fetish weekend, second largest weekend in Madrid with all kind of special events organized by different groups.   * dates still not officially approved by the cities. ** SLFC participation during the Pride walk by members (more info by email)   PS., other National Prides can be added during the year depends on members…

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SLFC está con Antonio Albert Pons.7 hours ago
Choco Churros, Madrid
SLFC8 hours ago
Getting all prepared for Easter Berlin...
March 20th, 11h - SLFC’s Spanish Brunch social meeting Café Sevo next to BOXER Berlin...


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5 days ago
Mi primer viaje al extranjero ... Munich, elección del Mr. Bavarian Leather 2019 y dimisión de Robert Heckmann, a quien conocí en mi elección y feliz de ver de nuevo.
Thanks to @openmindsexbcn to make this trip possible... @santinogueraxxx @spanishlfc @mlc
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1 week ago
Apoya a nuestra comunidad española y únete a nuestra asociación por 20 € al año ... envíanos un mensaje o correo electrónico spanishlfc @santinogueraxxx @BerlinDark_BCN @kikemersonsilva @puppyplayspain @JanosMartenyi @machobbcom @kennylarsenxvs spanishlfc photo
1 week ago
Support our Spanish community and join our association for 20€ a year... send us a message or email spanishlfc @santinogueraxxx @BerlinDark_BCN @kikemersonsilva @puppyplayspain @JanosMartenyi @machobbcom @kennylarsenxvs spanishlfc photo