World Fetish Show Contest 2021

Rules for entry WFSC ’21

– Inscription is open for all, meaning to all Fetish associations, clubs, groups and individuals.
– The song must be an (1954-2021) European song contest entry, you have the choice of over 1400+ songs. (Example Germany does German songs)
– Can’t be a song that was performed in EFSC 2020 (our first edition)
– If more entries from one country, there will be a preselection for that country.
(All country entries have to be sent to SLFC, example: if Germany has 10 videos we will together with the jury & public of Germany decide which one enters the final show.)
– All countries can participate, also non ESC countries.
– If a non-ESC country wants to participate they need to contact the organization of WFSC2021 and will be given a choice on what they can prepare or perform.
– If there are more than 25 countries, there will be a preselection – France is automatically selected because of last year’s winning entry.
– All artists have to be available on May 15, 2021 (by Zoom)
– If preselections are held this will be in the week prior to the event participants have to be available. (by Zoom)
– Inscription starts the March 10th (inscription please asap the videos can come after, see next line)
– All entries (videos) have to be send in to the organization before midnight May 1st, 2021
– All entries must be recorded horizontal / landscape
– Max people in performance 6 (this doesn’t include camera man, technician, etc)
– All participants must be 18+
– All videos must be for all age categories.

All inscriptions have to send to [email protected]
The organization will send all details to you after receiving your application.
Also the organization has all the right to refuse an application.

The info that has to be send to us about the inscription is:
We kindly ask you to facilitate us the following information:
Mobile number:
All your social media information, where you want to be tagged
Please tell us if you represent an association/group/or participating individually
The country you are representing:
Your song choice:
Original artist:

We ask you to not make it public your participation nor which song/artist you do, not even with the jury members.
Up until we tell you to do so.
Henk or Janos from the SLFC and organization of the event will contact you (by WhatsApp or Telegram).

You have time to send your video before the first of May midnight. (preference earlier…)

Send this email please back to us with all the information.

Team WFSC 2021/SLFC

Send please to [email protected]

All this information about the rules is published in other languages on our FB event,
English, German, Spanish, Italien, Dutch, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Hebrew.

For more information please contact us.
We hope to hear from you,

Team WFSC ´21
and the Board of SLFC.

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