What happened after the show?

Last Saturday we celebrated World(Euro)Fetish Show Contest.

But a cheerful idea shed light on some important things.
I asked some of my friends to re-imagine a Eurovison song of their country, and create a video, so we can stream them together in the beginning of May. And then my friends introduced other friends and the whole thing became bigger. At the end we had 21 performers on the Show, plus special guests and the 3 commentators.
I have the luck to lead a club with full of talented people, and I adore each of them for their talent or knowledge. And I know, if I ask for their help, they will do everything to help me and create something great together. Because we are a big family.

So 2 days later some issues came on the surface.  

I was hoping that no one would take seriously the competition… Because, how you could compare drag, parody or singing?
But somehow people still do.
And why we always must create drama?
After a few hours of free entertainment, where everyone had a great time and we all laughed and we all forgot that we are closed in, and we felt that there is no distance. After few hours partying together is it not completely unimportant who ended in which position? Or what would had happened when this or that country would have voted differently?
We made a competition to re-create the real Eurovision feeling. Not to create a war.
The second issue which came up, is the question if a leather man can be a drag queen?
I know Jamie since his election. And like we were misters in the same year we spent quite a lot time together. I also had the luck to spend holidays together with him. My husband and I always knew that he is an incredible funny guy. For this reason I was so happy that he was so loved as the main host of our show. And we all know that drag is a performing art, has nothing to do with kink.
But than again, some started to doubt that a drag queen can be a real leather guy.
I think it is time that we stop discriminate within our own community. No one has the right to tell which Fetish is more important than the other. And no one has the right to tell you how to be happy!
And we all have to ask ourselves the question: Would all these people who work so much for our community turn their back to our community If we would appreciate them more?
And now I come to my last point. When I asked my friends to re-create videos, I gave only 3 instructions: It has to be recorded vertical and it has to be funny and Eurovsion song of their country.
Most of the participants were not professional performers. They created these videos from love to our community. They dedicated their time to entertain others, without getting payed or expecting anything in return.
Only for this: no one who watched the show and was captivated for hours has the right to criticize any of the performers, and no one has the right to bully and put someone down who created something out of love. It’s just simply not fair.
But than again, my great friend Ander said to me: “If something is not unique, not special, people are not talking about it, not criticizing it”
I’m really grateful for all the performers, and personally I loved each and every video.
We are a big family. And this big colourful fetish family only survives if we take care and protect each other.

We are living in times when no one can know how much time we have left. There is no time for hate, and there is no time for discrimination.
I would end my letter with a quote from Sue from Saturday: “Spread the love not the germs!”

Signed János Leather

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