Mister Puppy Spain

Mr Puppy España 2020 - Simba

Mr Puppy Spain 2019 - Luge (Until September)

After the unfortunate turn of today's events, the paths of SLFC and PPS will separate. At the same time, Luge the Dog resigned from his title of Mr. Puppy Spain 2019. SLFC does not make a new election for the remaining short period, nor does it pass the title to the first runner up. SLFC thanks for Luge the Dog for his work in the last 10 months. SLFC has always been concerned with the interests of the community and did not want to represent a small group, but always the whole community. Within the SLFC, each group has its own free will as long as it complies with the rules established in the statutes in SLFC. Otherwise, the cooperation will end. With PPS ending the collaboration with SLFC is not anymore an official association. The 3 members of PPS will be offered the membership of SLFC or will be refunded. We wish PPS and Luge all the success for the future.

Mr Puppy Spain 2018 - Gosh Pup


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