WorldFetish 2020 – Order of performing

Order of performing:   1.Luxemburg ?? 2.Spain ?? 3.Norway ?? 4.Belgium ?? 5. Poland ?? 6. Switzerland ?? 7. Italy ?? 8. The Netherlands ?? 9. Australia ?? 10. Hungary ?? 11. Finland ?? 12. Germany ?? 13. Ireland ?? 14. Sweden ?? 15. Czech Republic ?? 16. Estonia ?? 17. Austria ?? 18. United Kingdom ?? 19. Israel ?? 20. France ?? 21. Russia ??  

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BSB 2020 & Covid-19

BSB 2020 & Covid-19 Understandably we have had a number of messages from people asking what the effect of the Covid-19 outbreak will be on BSB 2020. Unfortunately, the situation around the corona virus deteriorates daily in Spain We have been waiting for the Spanish & Catalan Government to release its latest advice, which they have done today. It is now clear that this outbreak isn’t going to last just a couple of weeks, but is going to be an unprecedented long haul challenge. The Government have estimated that Spain is approximately two weeks behind where Italy currently is, and

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INFO: Barcelona Spring Break 2020!

The safety of our guests is, of course, of the utmost importance to us. We monitor the current situation and adjust our approach accordingly on a daily basis. On our website you will find the latest information on Corona and BSB 2020. Is Barcelona Spring Break 2020 taking place? According to the current state of knowledge, yes. The Ministry of Health recommends the cancellation of all major events for over 1,000 guests. However, since BSB2020 is based on many events that are each below this limit, we are in close contact with the authorities. External events (such as the Churros

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