WorldFetish 2020 – Order of performing

Order of performing:
1.Luxemburg ??
2.Spain ??
3.Norway ??
4.Belgium ??
5. Poland ??
6. Switzerland ??
7. Italy ??
8. The Netherlands ??
9. Australia ??
10. Hungary ??
11. Finland ??
12. Germany ??
13. Ireland ??
14. Sweden ??
15. Czech Republic ??
16. Estonia ??
17. Austria ??
18. United Kingdom ??
19. Israel ??
20. France ??
21. Russia ??

BSB 2020 & Covid-19

BSB 2020 & Covid-19

Understandably we have had a number of messages from people asking what the effect of the Covid-19 outbreak will be on BSB 2020.

Unfortunately, the situation around the corona virus deteriorates daily in Spain

We have been waiting for the Spanish & Catalan Government to release its latest advice, which they have done today. It is now clear that this outbreak isn’t going to last just a couple of weeks, but is going to be an unprecedented long haul challenge. The Government have estimated that Spain is approximately two weeks behind where Italy currently is, and that coronavirus infections will continue to increase through March and April even maybe into May.
Although the Spanish Government has not banned small gatherings at this stage but they advised to be precautionary and ask too… we expect that travel and event restrictions will be introduced as cases reach their peak.

It is for these reasons that the Core Team have, with great sadness, decided to postpone BSB2020. For us to go ahead with the weekend in the middle of a public health emergency would be hugely irresponsible, not only for our visitors but also for the communities they return too. We all have to play a part in ensuring that we reduce the chance and speed of onward transmission.

I know this will be hugely disappointing for many people who were hoping to come and we apologise immensely for the inconvenience caused with flights and hotels. Hopefully you will all understand why we have had to take this decision, which we have not done lightly.

We will try our best to reschedule this year’s BSB2020 to a date later in the year, although everything is very much up in the air at the moment and we can make no promises.
We informed all our sponsors and most of our guests before we wanted to go public on social media, we want to say a big thank you to all, that they understand our decision, we also hope that all of you will understand?

For those who can not cancel or are already arrived in Barcelona we will propose an alternative gathering and our members who live here are happy to give you a great time during your stay…

Look after yourselves stay safe,

The SLFC Core Team.

INFO: Barcelona Spring Break 2020!

The safety of our guests is, of course, of the utmost importance to us. We monitor the current situation and adjust our approach accordingly on a daily basis. On our website you will find the latest information on Corona and BSB 2020.

Is Barcelona Spring Break 2020 taking place?

According to the current state of knowledge, yes. The Ministry of Health recommends the cancellation of all major events for over 1,000 guests. However, since BSB2020 is based on many events that are each below this limit, we are in close contact with the authorities. External events (such as the Churros on Chocolate 1000+) are not in our area of ​​responsibility, the organization of this event will take their own decision.

How can I protect myself from infection?

The website of the Ministry of Health provides precise information on the spread and prevention of an infection.

I have flu symptoms. Can I still attend BSB2020 events?

If you currently have symptoms of flu or Covid-19, we ask you not to attend the BSB2020 events.

All bars & places where we have events are taking precautions and will be provided with disinfectants.

The Board of the Spanish Leather & Fetish Community (SLFC)

Soon we celebrate Barcelona Spring Break

Dear SLFC members, dear SLFC friends,

Soon we celebrate Barcelona Spring Break.

This is our second edition and we are doing our best to offer a variety of interesting programs between the 7th and 10th of March.

Like last year, this year we also try to combine parties with fetish culture. During the long weekend you can visit the photographic exhibitions of the official IML photographer Ron Volanti Jr in the Boxer shop and the exhibition of the Finnish fetish photographer Mikko Karekivi in the Cincomonos theatre. The first “Musical Fetish” will take place in which the money collected from the ticket will be used for the trip of the current Mister Fetish Spain, Emerson Prieto, for his trip to IML Chicago. We recommend visiting this event and helping to raise funds.

We also have some surprises, such as a garage sale (where you can get rid of your old fetish equipment or you can buy some new clothes) or our special Fetish on Ice Sunday event.

We have several parties for each fetish and we will discover the city during a fun puppy walk (Puppy Walk).

And of course as the main event of the weekend, we will choose the new Mister Fetish Spain, who will represent the association and the Spanish fetish community in the year 2019.

On Saturday 9 March we held our Annual General Assembly. We ask each member to participate. At this meeting we try to explain the association’s plans and projects for the coming year and decide on some personal changes in direction.

For each party you can buy tickets at the door of the local (with your SLFC discount). Puppy crawl, puppy walk and exhibitions are free.

Reservations are required for the meals we offer.

– Dinner 07.03.2019 (3-course fixed menu with 2 drinks included) €20

– Lunch 09.03.2019 (menu to choose under the following link) 17 €.

<font color=#38B0DE>-= Proudly Presents

– Breakfast 10.03.2019 (same place as Garage) 15 €.

Reservations can be made by sending an email to, mentioning the meals you wish to reserve and making a bank transfer or PayPal.

I hope you like it and I hope to see you all during Barcelona Spring Break.

Best regards: Janos Martenyi – SLFC President

Agenda 2019

Agenda 2019:
  • 11-13 January ’19 ILBS
  • 18-20 January in Milan Mr. Fetish Italy 2019
  • 20-25 February Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium 2019
  • 7-10 March ’19 Barcelona Spring Break & Mr.Fetish Spain 2019
  • 20 – 23 March ¨Starkbierfest¨ Munich & Mr.Bavaria Leather 2019
  • 17-22 April BLF Easter Berlin with a SLFC/Spanish brunch on the 20th
  • 17-19 May Bilbao in Black
  • 22-28 Mayo IML Chicago (Emerson, MFS2018 to IML)
  • 12 – 15 June Zurich Pride, Election Mr. Leather, Rubber & Puppy Switzerland 2019
  • 28 – 30 June Barcelona Pride*
  • 28 – 30 World Pride 2019 – New York**
  • 5 – 7 July Madrid Pride*
  • 6 – 8th September Folsom Berlin
  • 4 – 13 October Maspalomas Fetish Week
  • 31 Oct – 2 November Mallorca Fetish Week
  • 6 – 8 December Madrid Winter Bear, Sleazy & Fetish weekend, second largest weekend in Madrid with all kind of special events organized by different groups.
* dates still not officially approved by the cities.
** SLFC participation during the Pride walk by members (more info by email)
PS., other National Prides can be added during the year depends on members…