Events update



  • 18h Welcome drinks in Boxer café
  • 19h Opening of the expositions, Patrick Li & Paul Lee-Maynard at studio Maho Toi
  • 21h Diner (El Berro or BCN Café, depending how many we are. Both are next to each other, corner of Diputación & Casanova)
  • 22h Versailles goes Fetish (Versailles bar)
  • 24h All Fetish party (Berlin dark)


  • 11h Brunch at Vivari, Bakery & Coffee (corner Diputación & Muntaner)
  • 17h Visit Boxer Factory
  • 18h Meet & greet at Boys BCN
  • 21h Election Mr Fetish Spain 2022 at Arena Sala Classic with DJ K-PAXian, *Brotherhood ceremony SLFC with Freedmen (F), GearPoint (CH) & ILF (Isr)
  • 24h Victory party at Berlin Dark

World Fetish Show Contest 2021 – Live

1 Hungary: Ryan Nagy - "Kedvesem" by ByeAlex - ESC 2013
2 Portugal: Kinkylharias - "Conquistador" by Da Vinci - ESC 1989
3 Belgium: AlexXa Divine - "What´s The Pressure" by Laura Tesoro - ESC 2016
4 Sweden: Pawsome Pups feat. The Nordic Wolf - "Euphoria" by Loreen - ESC 2012
5 Finland: Holter & Fetish Friends Finland - "Monsters" by Saara Aalto - ESC 2018
6 Greece Element Eleftherios Eclipse - "Aphrodisiac" by Eleftheria Eleftheriou - ESC 2012
7 Andorra: Johnny Quesada - "Casanova" by Gisella - ESC 2008
8 United Kingdom: Chris Hibbert & Tish - "Just a little bit" by Gina G - ESC 1996
9 Luxembourg: Paul Freiter - "Bye Bye, I Love You" by Ireen Sheer - ESC 1974
10 Ireland: Astrapup - "In Your Eyes" by Niamh Kavanagh - ESC 1993
11 Spain: Santi Noguera - "Eres Tu" by Mocedades - ESC 1973
12 Denmark: Ralf Rasmussen - "Only Teardrops" by Emmelie de Forest - ESC 2013
13 Israel: The Golden Boy´s - "Golden Boy" by Nadav Guedj - ESC 2015
14 Austria: Kilian & LMC Vienna - "Say A Word" by Manuel Ortega - ESC 2002
15 Australia: Pup Twiggers Aka Paul Upcroft - "Tonight Again" by Guy Sebastian - ESC 2015
16 Italy: Markus Kron - "Soldi" by Mahmood - ESC 2019
17 Switzerland: Wilma Fritt & Benny - "She Got Me" by Luca Hänni - ESC 2019
18 Germany: Robin and the liontails - "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" by Alex Swings Oscar Sings - ESC 2009
19 Ukraine: UMFC - "Be My Valentine" by Svetlana Loboda - ESC 2009
20 France: Ginger Bitch & Lady Mistik - "Echo (You and I)" by Anggun - ESC 2012
21 Russia: Big Fetish Foot - "Uno" by Little Big - ESC 2020
22 Norway: Ambjørn feat. Mr Leather Norway - "Fairytale" by Alexander Rybak - ESC 2009
23 Poland: Wojciech Sochanski - "Ale Jestem" by Anna Maria Jopek - ESC 1997
24 The Netherlands: Marcel van Doorn & the Marcellettes - "Ding A Dong" by Teach-in - ESC 1975
25 Bulgaria: Simon Loach - "Beautiful Mess" by Kristian Kostov - ESC 2017

World Fetish Show Contest 2021

Rules for entry WFSC ’21

– Inscription is open for all, meaning to all Fetish associations, clubs, groups and individuals.
– The song must be an (1954-2021) European song contest entry, you have the choice of over 1400+ songs. (Example Germany does German songs)
– Can’t be a song that was performed in EFSC 2020 (our first edition)
– If more entries from one country, there will be a preselection for that country.
(All country entries have to be sent to SLFC, example: if Germany has 10 videos we will together with the jury & public of Germany decide which one enters the final show.)
– All countries can participate, also non ESC countries.
– If a non-ESC country wants to participate they need to contact the organization of WFSC2021 and will be given a choice on what they can prepare or perform.
– If there are more than 25 countries, there will be a preselection – France is automatically selected because of last year’s winning entry.
– All artists have to be available on May 15, 2021 (by Zoom)
– If preselections are held this will be in the week prior to the event participants have to be available. (by Zoom)
– Inscription starts the March 10th (inscription please asap the videos can come after, see next line)
– All entries (videos) have to be send in to the organization before midnight May 1st, 2021
– All entries must be recorded horizontal / landscape
– Max people in performance 6 (this doesn’t include camera man, technician, etc)
– All participants must be 18+
– All videos must be for all age categories.

All inscriptions have to send to [email protected]
The organization will send all details to you after receiving your application.
Also the organization has all the right to refuse an application.

The info that has to be send to us about the inscription is:
We kindly ask you to facilitate us the following information:
Mobile number:
All your social media information, where you want to be tagged
Please tell us if you represent an association/group/or participating individually
The country you are representing:
Your song choice:
Original artist:

We ask you to not make it public your participation nor which song/artist you do, not even with the jury members.
Up until we tell you to do so.
Henk or Janos from the SLFC and organization of the event will contact you (by WhatsApp or Telegram).

You have time to send your video before the first of May midnight. (preference earlier…)

Send this email please back to us with all the information.

Team WFSC 2021/SLFC

Send please to [email protected]

All this information about the rules is published in other languages on our FB event,
English, German, Spanish, Italien, Dutch, French, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian and Hebrew.

For more information please contact us.
We hope to hear from you,

Team WFSC ´21
and the Board of SLFC.

First non-pornographic fetish short film festival

Now that everyone is suffering from the second lockdown, SLFC wants to encourage everyone to be creative again. We organize the first non-pornographic fetish short film festival. You can submit your films individually or on behalf of your associations until the 31st of January 2021. The films will be shown on an online film festival, and the audience favorite and the jury’s favorite will be awarded.

What happened after the show?

Last Saturday we celebrated World(Euro)Fetish Show Contest.

But a cheerful idea shed light on some important things.
I asked some of my friends to re-imagine a Eurovison song of their country, and create a video, so we can stream them together in the beginning of May. And then my friends introduced other friends and the whole thing became bigger. At the end we had 21 performers on the Show, plus special guests and the 3 commentators.
I have the luck to lead a club with full of talented people, and I adore each of them for their talent or knowledge. And I know, if I ask for their help, they will do everything to help me and create something great together. Because we are a big family.

So 2 days later some issues came on the surface.  

I was hoping that no one would take seriously the competition… Because, how you could compare drag, parody or singing?
But somehow people still do.
And why we always must create drama?
After a few hours of free entertainment, where everyone had a great time and we all laughed and we all forgot that we are closed in, and we felt that there is no distance. After few hours partying together is it not completely unimportant who ended in which position? Or what would had happened when this or that country would have voted differently?
We made a competition to re-create the real Eurovision feeling. Not to create a war.
The second issue which came up, is the question if a leather man can be a drag queen?
I know Jamie since his election. And like we were misters in the same year we spent quite a lot time together. I also had the luck to spend holidays together with him. My husband and I always knew that he is an incredible funny guy. For this reason I was so happy that he was so loved as the main host of our show. And we all know that drag is a performing art, has nothing to do with kink.
But than again, some started to doubt that a drag queen can be a real leather guy.
I think it is time that we stop discriminate within our own community. No one has the right to tell which Fetish is more important than the other. And no one has the right to tell you how to be happy!
And we all have to ask ourselves the question: Would all these people who work so much for our community turn their back to our community If we would appreciate them more?
And now I come to my last point. When I asked my friends to re-create videos, I gave only 3 instructions: It has to be recorded vertical and it has to be funny and Eurovsion song of their country.
Most of the participants were not professional performers. They created these videos from love to our community. They dedicated their time to entertain others, without getting payed or expecting anything in return.
Only for this: no one who watched the show and was captivated for hours has the right to criticize any of the performers, and no one has the right to bully and put someone down who created something out of love. It’s just simply not fair.
But than again, my great friend Ander said to me: “If something is not unique, not special, people are not talking about it, not criticizing it”
I’m really grateful for all the performers, and personally I loved each and every video.
We are a big family. And this big colourful fetish family only survives if we take care and protect each other.

We are living in times when no one can know how much time we have left. There is no time for hate, and there is no time for discrimination.
I would end my letter with a quote from Sue from Saturday: “Spread the love not the germs!”

Signed János Leather

Open letter (World Fetish)

Dear WorldFetish fans,

Last Saturday many of us came together, even though most of us could not leave our homes. For the space of some extremely sweet hours we all were hooked to our screens, to our phones, to our televisions, sharing something unheard of just two weeks before. The fantastic guys from SLFC put together what can only be described as the biggest breakthrough of our community – yes, community, regardless of leather, rubber, pups, sports gear or drag-queens. Regardless your color or the letter in the LGTBQ+ community and even straight people, you name it, since COVID-19 erased all of our events. SLFC managed to get together 21 countries from around the world and would have nearly 8000 people cheer on everyone performing in this fantastic show.

Sadly, it has come to our attention, that not all of it has been cheering, joy, and fun. Bullying, although condemned within our community, shows its ugly face from time to time, and decided to charge against one of the contestants, tarnishing such a great initiative.

It takes courage to put yourself in front of the camera to try to make people forget about the ugly reality we all are living in at this moment. It takes even more courage to do so, when you know you are going to be exposed and judged. It is completely unacceptable that some members of our community have decided to get brave behind a screen and take their keyboard to attack people that have invested time, effort, and have put all their heart into their performance.

We – in the fetish community, love talking about freedom, and about respect, and now we have a chance to make things right, and to excel ourselves… As a community we cannot stand for discrimination and bullying. We are better than this, and we will prove it.

We are aware that this is just a letter, but it comes with the promise that we will improve, and that we will be worthy of the reputation that precedes us. We want to be thought again as the community that awaits with open arms to receive you.

Our warmest regards,

Rubber Mario – UK Jury Panel member (Author of this open letter)
in cooperation with
Janos Martenyi – President of the SLFC

and the board of SLFC:
Ander Bask Leather – Vice President of the SLFC & co-Host (E)
Henk Van Tilburg – Secretary of the SLFC
Cayetano . Webmaster SLFC and Board Member
Fabio Kuir – Board of SLFC and co-Host (F)

co-signed by:

Sue Panover aka Jamie Wake Mr.Leather UK 2017 and Host (UK)
Puppy Simba – Mr Puppy Spain 2020 (SLFC) & Jury President
JV London – Mr Rubber Spain 2017 – Spanish performer
Santi – Mr Fetish Spain 2019 (SLFC) – Spanish jury
Emerson – Mr Fetish Spain 2018 – Board of SLFC- Spanish jury
David Garcia Lopez (Galicia) – Member of SLFC & ILBS – Spanish jury
Patrick Marion – Maspalomas Fetish Week – Spanish jury
Ale Tedesco – Maspalomas Fetish Jay Mason – Spanish jury
Toni Ponce – Journalist and LGTB choir co-founder – Spanish jury
Bobbee Trans Mooremon – Creator of the Trans Leather Pride Flag
Haley Alice – International Ms. Leather 2019
Adam Leather – President of MLM & UK Jury President
Andrew Holt – UK performer, Mr Rubber UK & creator of “”
Ollie S. – UK Jury Panel
Jon – UK Jury Panel
Matt – UK Jury Panel
Chris – UK Jury Panel
Gael – Mister Leather Belgium 2020 – Jury President
John – Ireland Performer – Jury President
Cathal – Ireland Performer
Steve (PupBoner) Ireland Performer
Fionn – Ireland Jury Panel
Kevin – Ireland Jury Panel
Per Helge – Mr Leather Norway – Jury President
Leena Magnet – European Fetish Friend of the Year & Finland´s Jury President
Stephan Rollinger – Luxembourg Performer
Jeff Tucker – Luxemburg Jury
Laurent Chéry-Drouet – Mr Leather France 2018 – Jury President
Aurelien Normane – Mr Leather France 2017, Vice President Freedman – French Jury Member
Barka Xetal – Président Puppy Play France – France Jury Panel
Henry Falco – Photographe – France Jury Panel
Damien aixes- France jury panel
Oréo Xetal – Mister Puppy France – France Jury Panel
Zephyr Copper Xetal – France Jury Panel
Jose Sanchez – Luxembourg Jury Panel
Chris Rub – Italy Jury panel
Laurence – Lux Jury Panel
Nilo Xetal – France Jury Panel
Matteo – Vice President Leather Friends Italia – Italy jury panel
Bob Lee – Italy Jury Panel
Igor – Puppy italy 2020 – Italy jury panel
Fabrizio Paoletti Mr Leather Italia 2017 – Tuscany Fetish & Leather League Board – member of the Italian jury
Neri italian performer
Anna Italian performer
Torsten Burandt – Mr. Fetish Germany 2020 & Mr. Leather Hessen 2019 – German Jury Panel
Stefan Modschiedler – Bavarian Mr Leather 2019 – German Performer
Manfred – Bavarian Mr Leather 2017 – German Jury President
Benji – Bavarian Mr Leather 2020 – German Jury Panel
Joachim – Mr Leather Hamburg 2018 – German Jury Panel
Juan Müller – Estonian jury president
Liam Clark – Estonian Performer
Alexander Lindholm – Estonian jury panel
Mike – Estonian jury panel
Reio Randma- Estonian jury panel
Jérôme Mehats aka Galipette – Artishow Cabaret Performer -France Jury Panel
Luca Toffee – President of the italian puppy – France Jury Panel
Aurélien Normane – Mr Leather France 2017 – Freedmen Vice-President – France Jury Panel
Bart verrecas – president MSC Belgium – Mr leather Belgium 2018
Mikko – Finland Jury Panel
Kay Aslan – Puppy Switzerland 2017, President TSGH, Jury President Switzerland
Silverhuskie – Puppy Switzerland 2020, Jury
Tom Hurd – Mr. Fetish Finland 2019 – Finnish jury
Holter Finn – Mister Fetish Finland 2016 – Finnish jury
Onalle – Mr. Fetish Finland 2020 – Finnish jury
Vojta – CZ Jury Panel
Igy – Mr. Puppy Gran Canaria 2019, Czech jury member
Marcin – Polish Jury Member
Jabier Bassista – Belgian Jury Panel
Wilma De Fritt – Vice President TSGH Switzerland, Performer and Jury
Carsten Wiek – Vice President GearPoint Switzerland, Jury
Steffen RUHLAND – Member of board GearPoint Switzerland and Jury
Szymon Niemiec – Creator of Equality Parade, member of Polish Jury
Daren Eskriett- Australia Jury Panel
Stevio Blackhart – Mister Leather Europe 2020
Hexy Joe – Italian Fetishman of the Year 2020
Michi Gehring – Mr. Rubber Switzerland 2017 & Mr. Rubber Europe 2018
Suus Jury President – Ms Leather Netherlands 2019
Bo Monde, international DJ
Rachèl BeauJolie – Dutch Jury Member
Jacques Zonne – Dutch Jury Member
Wyatt – Dutch Jury Member
Alastair – Dutch Jury Member
Marcel van Doorn ¨Mr World Bear 2019¨
Michel Reilhac – Crew Member
Thijs Fransen -Crew Member
Robin Oudheusden – Crew Member
Stanley Starreveld Doesburg – Crew Member
Cliffton Doesburg Starreveld – Crew Member
Wilbert Wienema -Crew Member
Daniel Premack Israel Jury President
Udi Taurus President ILF and Performer for Israel
Oded Ninja Gross Mr Israel Leather 2019
Orr Friedman Mr Bear Israel 2019
Noam Roth Mr Bear Israel Organizer
Ethan Levine Secretary ILF
Charlie Keinman 1st Runner-up Israel Mr Leather 2019
Erez Avirahm Naturist/Bear Israeli Jury Representative
Tzachee Groupper Israel Mr Leather 2016
Csaba Tóth – Mr Bear Hungary 2016 President of the Hungarian Jury
Balázs Menzat (Mr Bear Hungary 2019) – Hungary Jury Panel
Jody Jury President Ms Adelaide Leather 2018
Bruce Bellingham – Australian contestant
Daren Eskriett – bearded charmer
Jason Pearce – Melbourne Rubberman 2019
Matt BLUF – Eagle Bar Sydney
Bee Beehop – Ms Leather Sydney 2015/16
Mike James – Australian Leatherman 2019
Pete Foley – MIR contestant 2019
Pierre Brand – Mr Australian and New Zealand Leather 2009
Pup Dodger – Australian Puppy 2019
Thomas Seggie – Pride of The Hide 2019
Loke – Board member of Puppy Play Sweden
Dante – President of Puppy Play Sweden
Zacharias – Board member of Puppy Play Sweden
N0X – Board member of Puppy Play Sweden
Corbin – Board member of Puppy Play Sweden
Zipper – Adjunct board member of Puppy Play Sweden
Kristofer – Former president of SLM Stockholm
Vladimir Chorchordin – Russian performer, Russian jury
Sasha Port – Russian performer, Russian jury
Pasha Grishin – Russian jury
Vlad Ermak – Russian jury
Aleks Krutov – Russian jury