My name is Janos, I was elected as Mr. Leather Spain 2017. My dream was to reunite the Spanish Leather-Fetish community. I did not imagined, that I few months later my title will be taken away just for having a different opinion. After my title was revoked the 146 aspiring members of the new born association SLFC were asked to vote about the destiny of the newly acquired title Mister Fetish Spain 2017.
The members trusted me by 121 to 15 to carry the title and be the ambassador of the Spanish community for the year 2017. During my title year I discovered, that a community can only work if it is based on friendship and not on business. I also realized that if you want your community to succeed, you have to work hard, and sometimes you have to give the chance for others to prove themselves. 
What started as a journey to prove myself, became my life. Since the establishment of the association I´m working hard with the other board members for the success of our community. That we have the possibility to get to know each other, socialize.
As my title year was coming to end, I was sure I will carry on working on reunite the Spanish community and took the post of the president of SLFC during the creation years. However I was born in Hungary, I never lived in one place so long as in Barcelona. When I arrived to Spain in 2001, I found my first friends from the fetish community. They made me feel welcome. Now it´s my turn to return the favour.

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