After living in 9 countries around the world I lost my heart to – and in Barcelona, Spain and moved there in 2012. As a member of the leather & fetish community since the age of 14 , I dedicated a great time of my life to this community and to the international brotherhood. When I started going out at night (1978), all the bars and places were behind closed doors or belonged to the stereotyped gay scene. One day a guy told me that I did not belong in that environment and should check out the nightlife of Amsterdam, so I did. I took all my courage and went to the “Argos” in Amsterdam. I was young tall and hairy for my age, nobody asked me my age… when I entered I saw my dreams come true: Men, real Men in jeans and leather, I never left the scene… about a month later I was introduced to the Fist scene. Until that day I´ve never seen a smile like that on someone’s face, as the smile of the guy being fisted. The couple asked me if I liked it, and if I wanted to learn about it. Before they could finished the line I said; “Yes of course”. They took me home and taught me all about it (the best 72 hours of my life).

I will never forget them and always thought if people helped me, I want to help others too. I did and still do… years later after I worked in a bar in Amsterdam, I decided to open my own bar in Antwerp, Belgium. Laying the foundation for (what is now known) the biggest fetish event in Europe. This all started in collaboration with the Skinheads movement. Even my world/fantasy was Leather, I was always open to almost all the other fetishes (the gay-skinheads, the bear community – because I like hairy men, the rubber scene and later, – what is now my biggest fetish- sportswear/sneakers. I love sex and for me it is leather & sportswear (even better in combination), yes, I like the old “BLUF” look if it’s worn with the right attitude, but the new leather/sport combination is sexier for me.

Throughout the years one thing never changed my passion for Fist … and with over 200000 followers of my blog “All about Fist” , I try to inform the world about this passion.

We came a long way, to the point that today we can live our lives the way we want. and we can live our lives most of the time the way we want. It makes me happy to see that we are heading to the right direction. But I can also see over the last years in the process of creating this association the new generation needs our help the same way I needed back than.

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